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Dealing with loss can be very difficult for an adult, but imagine being a child and trying to understand and cope with losing a loved one, a sibling or a friend. Many kids struggle with expressing their feelings. It can also be challenging for a parent to figure out what kids are feeling as they try to understand what's going on around them and why others may be sad or feeling very different from what they're accustomed to seeing. I wish I had something like this when I experienced a loss and explained it to my children. And even now that they're older, I can still see how CJ's story could be helpful to demonstrate how he deals with his loss and turns it into something positive to honor the memory of his sister.


"And Then There Was One" is an extraordinary story told by an awesome kid that will be an invaluable resource for families. It will help those seeking a tool to help their kids cope with loss, those looking to empower their kids with the ability to overcome obstacles on their own and inspire kids to give back.

Courtney Clark

Creative, Parent Advocate, & Mother


Kristen & CJ Matthews


And Then There Was One 

Inspired by a family’s story of loss, And Then There Was One is a tale about one little boy’s determination to help others and keep his little sister’s spirit alive while coping with his grief. The main character, CJ, finds purpose and his strengths and greatness through small acts of generosity.   


Complete with a journal activity to help kids address their problems and a coloring sheet; this book aims to empower young readers with tools to help them cope with difficult situations. And Then There Was One is designed to help children cope with loss and grief, realize the power within themselves, and encourage them to give to others.


Grab your copy to use as a resource to help a child in your life learn how to process this difficult conversation!

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